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Microfibre vegan leather is a material that combines microfibre and polyurethane to create a more durable leather alternative. It is known for its high tear strength, water repellency and flexibility. It also has less impact on the environment compared to animal leather in terms of its water usage. It is the perfect option for you who cares for the environment and wants sustainability in your fashion.

Here are few tips to clean and care for your microfibre vegan leather shoes: 

Baby Wipes / Warm Soapy Water

We all have the experience of dropping food on your brand-new shoes - we know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be during your girls' night out or your first date. But worry not, start by wiping the stain on the upper surface with a paper towel as quickly as possible. You can then use baby wipes or a clean cloth with warm and mild soapy water to gently wipe away any stains until removed. To dry your shoes, pat it with a dry paper towel or towel afterwards.  

Rubbing Alcohol

To remove resistant stains and scratches on your shoes, rubbing alcohol is also another effective option for you! Start with pouring some rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Use a clean sponge or a toothbrush to gently spot clean the area until the marks are gone. Your white vegan leather shoes will look great again!


If you like the shiny and glossy look of your shoes, you can consider polishing them by applying shoe wax with a clean cloth. Please also remember to clean off any dust on the surface before polishing. Polishing your shoes can bring out a shine and enhance the colour of the shoes! It can also help by removing any scuffs and scratches of your vegan leather shoes. 

Shoe Glues 

When you wear your favourite pair of heels every day to work, the city sidewalks and the hard floor in your office can take a toll on the lifespan of the soles. Fortunately, shoe glues can save your most beloved shoes. When you notice your shoe soles start detaching, apply a thin layer of glue based on the instructions on the adhesive to cover the sole area and the upper part of the shoe. Remember to press the sole and the upper tightly until dry.

Now that you are confident in how to care for your vegan leather shoes. Let’s step into your next favourite vegan leather shoes that bring you from A to B. 


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